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The Camas School District is recognized as a leader in state school reform efforts and for its delivery of dynamic instruction in basic skills. A strong history of community support affords approximately 6,000 students outstanding academic, vocational, cultural, and athletic opportunities. A powerful partnership between businesses, parents, and staff provides challenging and enriching learning experiences for all Camas students. Camas was one of the first districts in the state to implement rigorous graduation requirements, a series of demonstration tasks administered at various stages in students’ education. Specific tasks in the core subject areas have been developed at all grade levels and are demonstrated by students to assure they can apply skills and information to life situations. Student portfolios, special projects, and presentations before community members prepare students for state-required tests and specific requirements. Additionally, Camas has a long history as a district with a progressive curriculum – a blend of common-sense skills instruction and creative strategies that promote higher-level thinking and reasoning. Teachers in the district participate in a wide range of training options, with many workshops and classes taught on site. The district’s instructional programs have received recognition and awards over the years, attesting to the hard work of a caring staff. Bold, new directions in technology help the district to remain on the cutting edge. Money earmarked especially for technology upgrades has paved the way to exciting learning opportunities in advanced systems throughout the district. Together, Camas educators, parents, students, and community members have created a vision that promotes lifelong learning and educational innovation.

Central Valley School District

Located in the Spokane Valley, Central Valley School District serves nearly 12,000 students in the City of Liberty Lake, City of Spokane Valley and Spokane County. Across their 80-square-mile district, they are the common thread connecting the students, families, schools, business and civic organizations of these communities together in partnership to deliver quality public education in support of student achievement. In Central Valley schools, the primary focus is learning and teaching. They strive to ensure optimal learning opportunities for students who attend our 22 schools. Offering high quality academic and co-curricular programs for students in grades K-12 and pre-school programs, Central Valley School District sets high expectations, fosters student self-discipline, self-esteem and responsibility and promotes lifelong learning.

Cheney School District

The Essential Foundations of the Cheney Public Schools have been defined following an honest examination of our school district’s current practices and our direction for the future. Deep consideration was given to all of the people who touch the lives of children in our care, as well as to each child we serve. They emanated from a distillation of our thoughts and represent expectations of ourselves and our community. We have maintained a constant focus on the things that are most important, and believe that these are demonstrative of our commitments to our children and serve as a framework to follow as we each do our very best work with them and on their behalf.

East Valley School District

East Valley School District will inspire all students to achieve academic excellence and to become responsible citizens. East Valley School District encompasses approximately 100 square miles, extending from Butler Road east to the Idaho border and from the Spokane River north to the foothills of Mount Spokane. Through the efforts of our dedicated teachers, leadership, support staff and partners, we continually strive for academic excellence and building our future - our children.


Homeschooling is the education of children at home, typically by parents or by tutors, rather than in other formal settings of public or private school.

Hoquiam School District

Hoquiam School District does not believe in the “one size fits all” philosophy of education, and is committed to meeting the needs of every student. HSD is focused on improving and has implemented programs aimed at continuing to impact performance.


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North Thurston Public Schools

North Thurston Public Schools is committed to quality, up-to-date, safe and secure neighborhood schools that provide ALL students with the best possible environment for teaching and learning. Our high school students have a great variety of Career and Technical Education (CTE) training opportunities available to them. Citizen advisory committees work with CTE educators to shape the programs. Each course of study is kept up-to-date with industry standards preparing each student for the next level of education or employment. Visit Course Offerings to see what each school has available.

Spokane Public Schools

Spokane Public Schools is the largest school district in eastern Washington. Our mission is to develop the skills and talents of all students through rigorous learning experiences, supportive relationships, and relevant real-life applications. Spokane Public Schools' Career and Technical Education program is among the finest in the country! With world class programs a great team of teachers, coordinators and community members, you can expect to see well-versed students in all areas of this program.

Vancouver Public Schools

Excellence in Education In partnership with home and community, Vancouver Public Schools provides an innovative learning environment that engages and empowers each student to develop the knowledge and essential skills to become a competent, responsible, and compassionate citizen.

West Valley School District

Mission: Each West Valley student will have a Rigorous and Relevant education achieved through strong Relationships to maximize readiness for College, Career, and Citizenship.

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